9 great web tools

Posted on: April 9th, 2010

Most of these tools I learnt about while attending a social media conference called ConnectNow this week; a couple I’ve been saving for a post like this. What’s one handy web tool you use at work?

1. Spark

A mapping tool that uses GoogleMaps technology to create, define, and manage collections of geographically located data sets. Once a collection has been defined you can choose to share your map with others, either privately via a Spark login or more widely via a public web address.

2. Compfight

A search engine for visual inspiration and free stock photos for the advertising community including images of creative commons and public domain.

3. Pageflakes

A social personalised homepage where you can easily customise the internet and make it yours using ‘flakes’ – small, movable versions of all of your web favorites that you can arrange on your personal homepage.

4. Feedly

Bit like Pageflakes, this one organises your favourite sites into a fun, magazine-like start page.

5. How Sociable

Type in a brand name and see how visible it is on the internet then click through to the mentions / sites.

6. TubeMogul

Upload a video once and TubeMogul will deploy it to one or all of the top video and social networking sites, plus it will track real-time viewership, performance and engagement analytics with what they call ‘InPlay’.

7. Mention Map

A visulisation tool that maps mentions on Twitter via users and hashtags. Type your name in and see the connections unfold.

8. Visual Complexity

A resource space for anyone interested in the visualisation of complex networks – from the genealogy of rock to social, political, transport, food or terrist networks.  Useful tool for presentations.

9. Personas

A tool that shows how the internet sees you.  Type in your name and watch the magic (or the horror) unfold – it’s known for it’s inadvertent errors.  Interesting if you don’t have a generic name.

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