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Posted on: July 7th, 2011

To some people this is just an ad, but to me it’s more – it’s a great piece of content. So compelling is this piece of content that I legitimately considered the offer.

I found myself saying, “This would actually kill two birds with one stone and you know what, a bit of hard work never hurt anyone.” Then, when it got to the free coffee and stay in bed if it’s raining part, I was lamenting the fact that I didn’t live in the eastern suburbs (…typical, they get all the good stuff).

This little gem found its way to my email via Facebook.  A Stellar* friend captured it on her iphone while at the bus stop and posted it on Facebook.  It was then ‘Liked’ and made it from Facebook to an email that circulated our office.  We forwarded the emails on to friends and now I’m blogging it.  And so begins the elusive viral / word of mouth process.

The ad is a great example of what happens when you create content that’s worth sharing and it demonstrates how things that we see or experience in the offline world spark sharing in the online world.

The fundamentals of creating great content are simple: know your audience / customers / community intimately and then go about creating stuff that really resonates with them, appeals to their emotions, or helps them in some way.

What makes this particular content piece successful is that it’s out of the ordinary and the producer understands exactly the type of person they’re speaking to and they appeal to specific emotions, desires and needs.  They’ve got a tough sell and they know it, so they make the most of it with cheeky humour; they stick to the positives, but they also address the negatives; they do this so well that we all got sharing and talking as a result.

Moral of the story? Tick some of these boxes when creating content:

  • entertaining
  • relevant
  • engaging
  • helpful
  • humorous
  • unique

You will increase the likelihood that people will share your content both on and offline and you’ll create some kudos for your brand.

Posted by Renee Creer

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