Opportunistic marketing / pr: two recent examples

Posted on: March 8th, 2010

Every cloud has a silver lining and in the last few weeks I’ve seen the silver lining of the GEC with stories of people pursuing shiny new beginnings and opportunities after being affected last year.  If you’re a positive and creative thinker you can see silver linings everywhere – not just in your dark cloud but in the dark clouds of others too – and this week a couple of great examples came to light.

Grill’d v Nandos

Burger chain Grill’d recently published a 2-for-1 burger offer in the Uni Times publication meant to be exclusively for Uni Times readers, however this was not in the T&Cs.  Electronic versions of the offer did the email rounds and Grill’d were inundated with people trying to redeem. Grill’d wouldn’t redeem electronic vouchers which upset many customers and lead them to clarify the situation on their blog. Seeing the opportunity, Nandos released a statement titled ‘we don’t care where your vouchers come from just come on in’ and capatalised on the situation by redeeming any Grill’ed vouchers – printed or otherwise. Read more about it in Mumbrella or on Nando’s blog.  Props to poor Grill’d who openly admitted the situation was a ‘complete debacle’ on their blog. On the up side there’s now of bunch of people who have a new awareness of the brand.

City of Pocket v City of Sydney

The owners of Pocket Bar on Burton Street in Sydney have seen an opportunity to ease the pain of getting fined. The Pocket Optimism Act works like this: when you recieve a parking fine, a toll notice or any other stupid fine take it to Pocket Bar within a week of getting it and they’ll give you 20 per cent off your total bill.  Pocket Bar says ‘with Pocket Optimism we are bringing the fun back into living; breathing life into little annoying things.’ Great idea, a nice kicker for customers and a great incentive to drop in.

So there’s an opportunity that came from competitors and one that came from customers above.  What are the dark clouds of your brand’s competitors or customers and how can you be the silver lining?

Posted by Renee Creer

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  1. karalee says:

    Great post!

    I was interested to see the Grill’d issue play out – the initial reaction on their blog was a PR disaster. Props to Nandos for seeing the opportunity and acting quickly to capitalise on the issue.

    What I agree with is that Grill’d won’t suffer in the long run. They’ll have learnt their lesson with needing to be tight with their promotions from now on, and I think their brand is strong enough to weather the storm. How they communicate with their customers from now on, will be the interesting story!

  2. Hey Karalee – I’m interested to see what they’ll do next too. They get a bunch of comments on their blog so they’ve got a solid community and I’m actually quite interested in having one of their burgers now! Cheers, Renee

  3. karalee says:

    all this talk of burgers has made me want a Grill’d burger ;)

  4. cafedave says:

    Love the story from Pocket – what a great way to brighten someone’s otherwise terrible week! Surprised it hasn’t been copied more widely – wouldn’t mind a coffee-for-parking-ticket kind of deal.

  5. That’s a great idea Dave!

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