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Posted on: December 4th, 2008

Here are some things you might not know about us relating to space and time because we’re not just Stellar* in Surry Hills; we’re Stellar* all over the world.

  • We work both nationally and internationally.
  • Our clients are based in all states of Australia, in major capital cities and small country towns (shout out to Brown Brothers in north-east Victoria… lovely spot that.  You fly there in a 24 seat twin engine plane and let’s just say that Albury is prone to violent afternoon storms; a few times I’ve been grateful to get home alive).
  • We’ve executed all kind of national campaigns including national road shows.  One time we did a simultaneous launch event for 1,800 guests in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth ALL on the one night – phew!
  • For the past two years we’ve even gone as far as the remote Kimberley in Western Australia in the name of work.
  • For the Good Food and Wine Shows we handle publicity for shows in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

  • We used to have a Stellar* office in Melbourne, but MJ got sick of the weather, so now we pop down there ourselves or work with colleagues or our affiliate agency in Melbourne (hi John).
  • We also have affiliates in New Zealand too, eh bro.
  • We sometimes leave our sunny shores and fly overseas.  We’ve even been as far as Budapest for ghd hair Australia.
  • Some of our clients are based in the UK.  Best of all, we even work with the Spanish Government – aunque en Stellar* no hay siestas!
  • In house, we have two Poms working with us (with another starting in February) and the rest of us are from or have lived in Sydney, the Hunter Valley, Armidale, Melbourne, Brisbane, Michigan, Manila, Manchester, Liverpool, London, Postsmouth, Bournemouth, Singapore, Buenos Aires… and Bookham (which is somewhere near Yass apparently).

Renee Creer

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