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Posted on: September 12th, 2011

The first Australian newspaper to employ a social media editor is the Herald Sun, and her name is Isabelle Oderberg, in case you didn’t know!  It’s her job to improve the newspaper’s use of social media and to help journalists boost their own social media profiles, as reported in the Australian today.  Also mentioned was the introduction of social media policies by the Herald and Weekly Times and Fairfax Media.

Reporters are increasingly getting pressured, encouraged and cajoled to build their online profiles and at last month’s PANPA (Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers’ Association) Future Forum 2011, I gave a talk on best practice social media, which was aimed at giving journalists some tips and things to mull over before they wander, some like lambs to the slaughter (just joking) into online social networks.

While journalists are finding their way online, the big four (not the banks, I mean Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn) have been doing their bit to support the media’s use of social platforms.  Here’s what they’ve got going on, plus some Mashable guides for journalists.

Facebook and Journalists

Launched in April this year, this page provides really insightful articles, tips, case studies, videos etc. for using Facebook as a journalist, as well as being a community for journalists.  The page provides links to other journalists on the platform, so you can see how they are engaging with audiences. The poster boy (or should I say, man) for journalists on Facebook appears to be Nicholas Kristof, of The New York Times, who has over 200,000 likes and uses the platform for crowdsourcing, listening and extending his reporting.

Facebook and Journalists
Mashable – The Journalist’s Guide to Facebook

Twitter Media

Launched in early 2010, Twitter’s media blog is aimed at media companies that want to integrate Twitter into their sites.  It showcases work and provides practical tips and case studies, however the blog hasn’t been updated since May this year, except for the release of their guide called Twitter for Newsrooms.  There’s also @twittermedia to follow.

Twitter Media
Twitter for Newsrooms Guide
Mashable – The Journalist’s Guide to Twitter

YouTube for Reporters’ Center

Launched in 2009, the YouTube Reporters’ Center is a resource to help reporters learn more about how to report the news. It features some of America’s top journalists and news organisations sharing instructional videos with tips and advice for better reporting.  Unfortunately, there has been no new content for some time, which is a shame for the 20,000+ channel subscribers!  In addition, YouTube is considering launching a service dedicated to investigative journalism in response to the decline of in-depth reporting at traditional news outlets.

YouTube Reporters’ Center
Mashable – The Journalist’s Guide to YouTube

LinkedIn Press Center

Finally, we come to LinkedIn. If you head to their Press Center you’ll find some information for journalists in a section aptly named, How Journalists Use LinkedIn, which has tips on searching for sources, building networks, promoting work and more.  There’s also the official LinkedIn for Journalists group, plus LinkedIn Skills pages, for broadcast journalism and newspapers, so have a poke around in there.

LinkedIn Press Center for Journalists
LinkedIn Skills for Broadcast
LinkedIn Skills for Newspapers

You might also like to check out this site: Social Media & Journalism.  If you’ve come across any other interesting guides or websites, let us know.

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