Social media growth in Australia 2011

Posted on: January 12th, 2012

We came across this little gem from Social Media News that shows the growth of each major social network in Australia over 2011 (click to enlarge).  In fact, Social Media News is also a great resource for monthly Australian social media statistics.  Check them out.

Social media growth in Australia 2011

Here are some key stats:

  • Facebook growth and engagement continues to rise. Many are speculating Facebook will reach a whopping 1 billion users globally in 2012.
  • Twitter and LinkedIn have almost doubled their user numbers.
  • YouTube increases its Australian audience by 4 million every month.
  • WordPress and Blogspot are on the rise with considerable increases.
  • Reddit has capitalised from users moving across from Digg with Australian traffic increasing 3 fold.
  • Photo social networks like Flickr and Tumblr are still gaining popularity.
  • MySpace continues its slow decline which is expected to continue over 2012.
  • A re-design of Digg’s user interface has had an impact on long time users with numbers dropping by 60,000.
  • Google+ is one to keep a close eye on with over 500,000 Australians signing up since it launched earlier this year.


Posted by Ashley Gatte.  Infographic by Erica Hardwick at  Published on Social Media News.


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