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Posted on: January 21st, 2010

If there’s one good habit to develop early in 2010, it’s the habit of exploring and engaging with the blogosphere – but where to start? That’s the question.

Lucky for us, people (with a penchant for laborious tasks) like to rank bloggers on lists, which is great if you’d like a short cut to the cream of the crop. For example, Australia has some cracking bloggers who can be found here:

Top 100 Australian Blogs
Top 100 Australian Women Bloggers
Top 129 Marketing Blogs

Also see The Australian Index Blog Directory for bloggers listed in different categories.

For top blogs from all countries try the Ad Age Power 150 and Technorati’s Top 100. Or, if you’re looking for the best American bloggers (…I think they’re all team USA) by topic try Post Ranks’ Top Bloggers 2009 list. This is a great list to browse. There are three categories:

1/ Most Engagement… stuff that’s very very engagement ;)
The blogger in each topic who received the overall highest engagement total over the course of the year (Congratulations Brian Solis – my personal PR hero – who topped the list for PR. He’s coming out in April for Connect Now).

2/ Most Influential
The blogger in each topic who received the highest average engagement with posts over the course of the year (Brian won again for PR. Yep, he’s pretty good).

3/ Biggest Mover & Shaker
The blogger in each topic whose engagement grew the most over the course of the year (Damn it Brian! At least leave something for the rest of us to fight over).

As the results show, if you’ve got anything to do with PR or you want to know anything about PR you need to know Brian’s blog. The man is a blogging machine. In the first 18 days of 2010 he bashed out 13 posts on a variety of topics, including a post written on New Year’s Day (…if I had of written a post on New Year’s Day it would have come out in hieroglyphics).

Finally, if you have burning questions about the Blogosphere check out Technorati’s annual State of the Blogosphere report. Or if you’re wondering how to keep up with all these busy bloggers, you need a Google Reader, which is simply explained In Plain English.

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