Posted on: June 27th, 2013

At Stellar we believe change should be celebrated. Which is why last Friday evening saw past and present Stellar stalwarts don fancy dress to mark the end of a momentous era and say farewell to our irreplaceable ruler Tori.

Founder Margeurite’s home was transformed into the Queen Victoria Building and guests were required to attend in fancy dress with the theme being ‘Things Beginning With V for Victoria’. There were a trio of vampires, a couple of Vegas Showgirls, assorted Von Trapps and most of the Village People. Tori of course attended in regal style complete with crown and red velvet cape. Her honour guard was provided by her husband James dressed as a fierce Viking warrior and she took her throne to the strains of God Save the Queen.

As anyone who knows us will attest, we know how to throw a party and so after we had all admired each other’s’ outfits there was musical entertainment with Tori finally showcasing her fine singing voice – it’s only taken us 12 years to persuade her – accompanied by our own musical star Sharonne. There was also a very select showreel starring some of Tori’s many, many admirers during her tenure at Stellar recounting their favourite memories. With wine provided from the Tulloch family vineyard the party went well into the night.

Parting can be a sad occasion but in this instance we are all very excited for Tori and incredibly grateful for her leadership and guidance over the years. We can’t wait to see what she does next.


Vanity, Queen Victoria, Donatella Versace


Vogue, Vivian from Pretty Woman


Vampire, Velma Kelly, Ventriloquist


Victorians, Victim, Villain


Vendetta, Village People, Venetian


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