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Liquid and Larder

Stellar was engaged by Liquid & Larder to share the stories of their world-class, experience-led restaurants and bars - Bistecca, The Gidley and The Rover - while building customer awareness of the group behind the portfolio of venues and managing launch strategies for new venues as the group expands.
Last year we announced the opening of a third steak focussed restaurant for the group, Alfie's.

Stellar's considered approach to strategy and messaging saw widespread media coverage and social traction, making it one of the hottest restaurant openings of 2023.

“We want a PR agency that cares as deeply about our business as we do, someone who genuinely gives a shit about our success. Stellar have delivered the numbers and articles we initially discussed but for us, its the feeling that our PR agency believes in us but is also strong enough to push back and question what we do in order to better our business and deliver a product to the media they feel will get exposure and cut through and we couldn't be happy with what we have received thus far." - James Bradey, Owner & Operator of Liquid & Larder


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